c. 1915 Mario Casella 'Lacote romantic' classical (Catania, Sicily)

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Custom Replacement Bridge Pins: buffalo horn with abalone dots
by Gordon Orth (d. 2009), Wheat Farmer and Craftsman,
Saint Francis, Kansas - we will miss you:


1922 "The Gibson" L-3 Archtop (13½") + '72 MIni-humbucker;
Custom set-up work by Jim Russell.

Sesiwn Fawr Performance Clip: "Cefn Brithdir" + "Y Pwll Glas"


Additional recording isntruments:

1943 Gibson L-50 Archtop (old logo headstock)

2007 Alvarez Cedar Top Classical AC60S + Headway Snake 3 pickup
Custom setup by Tim Marten, London.

1947 Regal Archtop ('First Man' brand + Kingston pickup)

2001 Fender 'Texas Special' Stratocaster